At a local level, everything that we do in Scouting is self-funded.  We charge a subscription fee each year, to help recover our basic running costs. For additional events, such as camping, every effort is made to keep participation costs low.

We welcome the support to operate fund development activities for our Troop.  When funding is available we can ensure our young people are engaged, and get involved in activities that may be costly, but bring them an amazing set of life skills.

Nobody wants to give money away, but people are happy to help and support activities and communities where benefits are visible.  Our Exec, supported by our treasurer ensure that our money is well spent and accounted for.

Donations can be made to the following account:
IBAN: BE95 3630 5706 6958

If you wish to make a donation by credit card please contact us, and we will send you the necessary receipt through PayPal.

Thank you for your support it is very much appreciated.