2014 Census for the Scout Association

As you would expect, The Scout Association aims to provide activities and opportunities for all young people, and to be fully representative of the local community. To help us ensure that we are meeting this aim, we need to improve the collection of accurate data. This form will help us collect anonymous data relating to ethnicity and disability. The data will be transferred to a section/Group summary, and the original form will be securely destroyed.


The categories on this form relating to ethnicity match those used by the UK National Census and this will mean that we can get a much more accurate picture of how closely Scouting truly reflects the makeup of our local communities. Along with the information on disabilities, this will help us to identify where further support is needed to ensure that we are providing the fun, challenge and adventure of Scouting to more young people.


The sections will conduct the 2014 census during the first Monday meeting of this term.  For the Beavers, I will recommend that the uniformed leaders collect this information from parents directly.  For the Cubs, Scouts and Explorers, I suggest that you discuss the data collection form (attached) together so that the young person can answer the questions during the meeting by themselves.  You will notice that no name or age is required on the form since this data will be kept anonymous.


For more information on the Scout Association’s 2014 census, please visit http://members.scouts.org.uk/census and/or speak to your child’s section leader.