Charity Toy Sale

General Information and Sale Instructions

The purpose of the charity toy sale is to raise money for the Mala Charity that helps children in India (under a banner of ‘Giving back children their dignity’). You can find more information at The amount raised will be communicated and presented to the charity early in 2010.
The participants will also earn credits towards specific awards (e.g. Promise challenge)

This event is not open to the general public.

17.45 Sellers arrive to start set-up
18.00 Sales start
20.30 Sales end, collect money, clear-up begins
21.00 Leave site


  • Bring a bed sheet or (camp) blanket to put toys on.
  • Small plastic container (for money) + clothes peg (for notes).
  • Some cash to give people change (suggest €10).
  • A Sales record sheet will be provided to record items sold.
  • Half of the total amount sold will be collected at the end of the sale as the contribution towards the charity. The seller keeps the other half of the sales.
  • Unsold items are to be taken back by owners.
  • Price negotiations are between the seller and potential buyer.
  • Toys can include Puzzles, Games, Electronics, Books, etc.
  • Larger items (like bikes) can be displayed outside (bring lock)
  • All sale items must be in good condition and in working order.
  • Games/Puzzles must be complete.
  • Instructions should be provided where needed.

Hot Dogs, Pizza Slices and non-alcoholic beverages will be on sale at cost prices (approx.)

Thanks for your support!