District Camp (Information for Cubs)

The Registration Form, Kit List and campsite map for this month’s District Camp at Grobbendonk are attached here.

The fee for Cubs is EUR 55.00 and this covers all costs, including campsite fees, materials fees, meals, van hire (to transport our equipment) and the cost of the camp badge.

All the camp details are found in these documents, but all the leaders are available to answer your additional questions.  These documents will also be posted on the 1st Waterloo website.

Please return this form and make payment via bank transfer no later than Monday, May 9th.  You can return the form via e-mail (preferred), by handing it to a uniformed leader or send it via fax (02/723.02.88).

Cubs Camp Packing List – District Camp 2011

Cubs Consent Form – District Camp 2011

Grobbendonk Map (with edits)