Dear Friends of Scouting in Europe

Scouting in Europe has started a new Triennium: following the European Scout Conference in August 2019 in Croatia, there is a new Regional Scout Plan, a newly elected European Scout Committee and a new Regional Director. Happily, they all are Friends of Scouting in Europe.

The financial support from the Friends of Scouting in Europe continues to increase. In the past months, your support has helped Scouting to develop in Montenegro, Croatia, Romania, Serbia and North Macedonia. We can close the year 2019 with the happy feeling that Scouting in Europe is growing, and that we are part of that positive development.

In the past year, the number of Friends of Scouting in Europe increased by 150. As a result, we can now celebrate the symbolic 1000 FOSE. This is thanks to your generosity: both the loyal supporters for many years, and the newly joined FOSE. 

At this end-of-year period, a “final call” to all the Annual Friends to make your 2019 donation, if not done yet. It only takes a minute with a credit card on the link below. You may also support a project of your choice, with any amount. Your donation is important and goes a long way in Central and Eastern Europe. 

I wish you a peaceful holiday season and I look forward to seeing you soon in 2020, which will also be the Golden Jubilee year of the European Scout Region. 

Thank you for your continued support to Scouting in Europe.
Henrik Söderman

Chairman of the European Scout Foundation